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Syntax: nanotech (item)

This skill allows High Mortal slicers of at least level 50 to build microscopic droids that can serve a variety of useful purposes. The slicer can make the following nanotech devices:

ITEM: Requires:
Nanogun blaster
Nanoblade melee of type 'blade' or 'knife'
Healing nanites
Hull nanites nothing
Droid nanites nothing
Vehicle nanites nothing
Damage nanites nothing

A slicer must be in an HM lab to make nanites. This skill may only be used every 5 minutes.

NOTE #1: The better the class of the blaster or melee used in constructing the nanogun or nanoblade, the better the resulting weapon.

NOTE #2: Damage nanites are required in order to 'recharge' both the nanoblade and the nanogun.

NOTE #3: The slicer will use up one toolbox per attempt for droid parts and will need their slicertool to provide the necessary programming.

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