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Droid Construction

Syntax: droid_construct (droid model)
Example: droid_construct MD Model

With this command you can construct the following:

Droid Description: Droid Model: Special Parts Required:
* XLR remote (pk droid) XLR Model Software upgrade
Combat droid (bodyguard-ish) IF Model Blaster rifle, ion knife
Medical droid MD Model Laser scalpel, syringe
Power droid GNK Model Power converter
Security & decryption droid HKR Model Security slicer
Spydroid remote Spydroid Remote Security camera
MLR remote (pk droid) MLR Remote None
SLR remote (pk droid) SLR Remote None
Bartender droid CG Model None
Standard protocol droid C3 Model None
Standard astromech droid R2 Model None
Standard labor droid T5 Model None

A * denotes an HM Slicer construct.

You also need a full toolbox, 2 pieces of scrap, 2 restraining bolts, a droid CPU, a droid servomotor, and a slave module, except for droid remotes, which do not require the restraining bolts or the slave module.

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