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In order to perform surgery (including first aid), a scientist must first have a medkit in their possession. Said medkit must contain enough bacta medicine for the type of surgery being performed. Most medkits can carry up to 25 doses of bacta medicine, although some medkits have been known to carry less after they have been used.

The following is a chart listing the scientist's medical skills with the commands necessary to use them, and the number of bacta doses expended each time said skill is used.

Level: Surgery: Command: Bacta Doses:
1 First Aid first [target] 1 dose
7 Minor Surgery minor [target] 2 doses
13 Major Surgery major [target] 3 doses
19 Cureall Surgery cureall [target] 5 doses

It is possible for a scientist to perform surgery on themself. Medkits of the future are wonderful things.

Cureall surgery can only be used once every 10 minutes due to the enormous amount of strain it puts on the patient.

NOTE: If a patient is too drugged up, surgery will be impossible since any more medicine would only harm the patient. You will realize that this is the case when you first begin the operation, so don't worry about whether or not you should begin the surgery, that'll take care of itself. However, bacta will be used in the attempt to realize that no more surgery can be performed.

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