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Construct Items

Syntax: construct [new item name in full]
Example: construct targetting helmet

Construct allows a scientist of high enough level to construct an item from a few other items. This skill requires a toolbox as well as the required components. There is generally a one hour delay between constructing items to signify the amount of time it takes to construct something. Some items have a longer delay though. The following items can be constructed by a scientist:

Level: Contructable Item:  REQUIRES: 
  8 Light amplification goggles flashlight, helmet
  8 UV goggles flashlight, helmet
12 Power converter blaster (E-11 rifle or higher), scrap metal
16 Health scanner survey scanner, scrap metal
20 Medical scanner health scanner, scrap metal
25 Medkit purifier potion purifier, scrap metal
30 Targetting helmet helmet, aiming scope, holoprojector, scrap metal
40 Power gauntlets spiked gloves, power converter, scrap metal

To see what items you need to construct the items that you can make, type construct without an argument. Make sure you have a toolbox on you.

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