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Syntax for scientist:
bioengineer (target) (implant)

bioengineer (target) remove

For scientists: This skill allows High Mortal scientists of at least level 40 to install mechanical or organic implants designed to give a being abilities above and beyond those of unaugmented members of that race. This surgery is very intricate, thus the scientist's job consists only of setting up the lab equipment to do the job and then letting it run on its own.

Only 1 implant may be installed at a time per patient. Players must signal their readiness to undergo surgery with the implants command. Each patient may undergo new surgery once every 2 hours. A surgeon can only perform surgery every half hour. To remove an implant, the surgeon uses the command bioengineer (target) remove.

Below is a list of enhancements which can be implanted. The scientist must specify the 'name' below as the (implant).

Types of Implants: Name: Description of Implant:
Blood Filters blood Increases the efficiency of the kidneys in removing toxins from the blood stream.
Vision Enhancement vision Increases distance vision as well as your nightvision and vision in ultraviolet.
NOTE: The adjustment made to the eyes is so extreme, most people can tell when someone has vision implants just by looking at them.
Bone Reinforcement bones The skeleton structure is enhanced by tiny steel fibers, increasing the protection of all major organs and making unarmed combat more deadly.
Increased Platelet Production platelets An increase in the number of platelets speeds the body's natural healing rate.
Talons claws By sharpening and enhancing the structure of a being's already existing claws, the scientist can increase the amount of trauma dealt out by such apendages.
Gills gills Implanting gills in the neck allows a being to breathe underwater.

NOTE: There are limits to what levels can get enhancements; level limits vary according to the enhancement.

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