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Walker Piloting

Entering a walker is simple. Just enter (walker) or enter (walker number).

The syntax for locking and unlocking walker doors is the same for all vehicles that can be opened and closed. lock vehicle door will seal the craft whereas unlock vehicle door will do likewise.

Walker status
To attain a status on any vehicle, not just walkers and ships, type report.

Walker movement
walk (dir) will move the walker from one room to the next.

Walker weapons
blast (target) (direction) (weapon) will fire one of the walker's weapons at a mob. A list of weapons can be seen in report. If the target mob is in the same room as the walker, type here instead of north, east, etc. for a direction. Be sure that the hatch is closed before firing at mobs in the same room as the walker, or the mob will enter the vehicle and attack you.

Summary of all commands available:

enter (walker) - enters the walker.
lock vehicle door - locks the walker hatch.
unlock vehicle door - unlocks the walker hatch.
report - returns walker status.
walk (dir) - moves the walker.
blast (mob) (dir) (weapon) - fires a weapon at a mob.
exit (walker) - exits the walker.

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