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Riding Animals

Riding animals allow you to travel faster over land, and some of them can fight for you.

What animals you can ride depends on your level as a pilot. These commands can be used with riding animals:

mount (animal) to get on the animal. NOTE: Some animals can carry more than one rider.
dismount to get off of an animal.
ride (direction) (distance) to move around. NOTE: ride (direction) is equivalent to ride (direction) 1.
sic (what) (optional number) to have your animal attack something. Pking rules apply, as with droids. Also, some animals cannot attack. If your animal attacks something, it will fight back against you and your animal. NOTE: You must mount the animal to use 'ride' or 'sic'. Some animals may buck when you try to ride them or sic them on someone.
put (object) in (animal) and get (object) from (animal) may be used with all riding animals that have saddlebags.
give (animal) to (who) can be used for any animals that can be owned; an animal that is owned will only obey the commands of its owner, and will only let its owner use its saddlebags.

Animals do not need any sort of fuel. They can be healed with medkits. If you are not a high-enough level pilot to use an animal, you will get an error message if you use ride or sic on that animal.

Some animals can be used by non-pilots (basically those weak enough that a zero-level pilot can ride them).

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