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Specshop Connections

Merchants level 18 and higher get access to the warehouses that supply the specshops of the galaxy.

In order to make purchases from the warehouses, a merchant must obtain a merchant's datapad which will then list the available items, their cost and availability. These datapads can be obtained from the Sullust merchant shop and a few other areas.

In order to make a purchase order, the merchant will need to be in a dock room. Merchants have the option to make a bulk purchase of items that have an unlimited quantity. Bulk purchases allow the merchant to get wholesale prices and will purchase 20 of the designated item. After finishing the order, the items will arrive after a short wait. However there is a very small chance that the freighter will be intercepted and looted by the pirates that lurk on the shipping lanes. There is also a small delivery fee for each package.

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