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Condo Sales

Merchants of level 19 and higher can buy additional condos from players or the office itself and later sell them to somebody. Merchants cannot access these condos themselves. A maximum of five condos per a condo selling office can be stored. At the registeration office of condos, the syntaxes are:

market own to (merchant) allows players to sell their own condo to (merchant), who must be present in the room.
market (number) to (player) allows merchants to sell their condo numbered (number) to the (player), who must be present in the room.
market newcondo allows merchants to buy a new sellable condo. The cost for such a condo is half of what they normally cost.
market gives merchants a list of the available condos in their holdings for that location. The merchant must be standing in the condo office to use this command.
marketlist gives merchants a list of all available condos in their holdings for all locations and may be used anywhere on the mud.

Please note that the merchant cannot sell their own personal condo to anybody, except to another merchant.

The Intergalactic Condo Owning Association will charge fees for these transactions. Players who are purchasing a condo from a merchant must be carrying 2500 credits on them to pay this transaction fee. It is up to the merchant and customer to decide how much will be charged for the condo itself.

Merchants will also receive a discount when purchasing their own condos.

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