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RENTING stores

Syntax: rent store

At level 19 merchants can rent a storefront in commercial areas of well-to-do planets to buy and sell goods. The following commands are available to the merchant after renting a storefront:

The following commands are valid in the stocked store:

stock (item) for (cost) stocks (item) for sale at price (cost).
unstock [(item)|all] removes <item> from being stocked for sale.
cashin [check] retrives profits from the store, or checks on profits.
setpurchase [ALL|NONE|add (item) for (purchase amount) max (maximum # to purchase) sell (sell amount)|delete (item)] sets the purchasing policy for the store to purchase all all items, no items, or a specified number of a given item for a given amount.
shopstatus close closes the shop and terminates your rental agreement.

Please note that the following restrictions apply. Storefronts are available on a limited basis on most planets and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can only rent one storefront at a time. Renting a storefront costs 1000 credits.

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