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Merchant-owned shops

High Mortal merchants can get their own shop. The shop can be located nearly anywhere on the galaxy, as long as it is a logical place and the planets caretaker approves. The shop will come with an assistant that will deal with all the transactions.

The shop will keep a count of its money. Buying items from the shop brings money to the store, while selling takes away from the money.

The merchant can collect the profits at any time. The money will not be transferred beyond a reboot however. Merchants can stock their own shop to put things for sale there. They can also set the value at which the item will be sold.

The commands to use are:

shopstatus [open|close] toggles the shop between open or close for business. Opening the shop will cost some credits.
stock (item) for (value) places an item for sale at the shop for (value) credits.
unstock [(item)|all] unstocks (item) or all items. The merchant can only unstock those that the merchant originally stocked.
cashin [add (amount)|check] allows the merchant to check what the balance is at the shop. Without any arguments given, the merchant empties the cash register. With the add option the merchant can add money to the register.
setpurchase [ALL|NONE|add (item) for (buy amount) max (maximum # to purchase) price (sell amount)|delete (item)] allows the merchant to set the shop to either buy ALL, buy NONE, or buy specify certain items. Merchant shops default to NONE. (item) must match the objects name exactly. (value) indicates how much the shop will make its value and (max) is the max amount of items of that given item the shop will buy. Ex: setpurchase add A medkit for 100 max 2. The delete option removes above mentioned information.

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