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Ammunition Construction

Syntax: aconstruct (ammo type)

Ammo construct allows a mercenary of high enough level to construct ammunition clips using scrap, a few tools from their toolbox, and any nearby powertap. Shotgun shells require some tools from a toolbox, magnesium pellets, and some scrap metal. The ammo can then be carried and used anywhere to reload a weapon. Mortals can only construct ammo reloads, whereas High Mortals have a few other options for special ammunition available to them.

Level 17+ mercenaries can construct the following: heavy ammo, light ammo, shotgun shells

Level 25+ HM mercenaries can also construct the following: plasma energy, disruptor cells, explosive energy

There is a 2 minute delay when constructing heavy ammo, light ammo and shotgun shells. There is a 4 minute delay when constructing more advanced ammunition types.

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