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Sponsor (for HM Jedi)

Syntax: sponsor [player]

This command, available to High Mortals who are Jedi of at least 20th level, may sponsor a padawan who wishes to be of the same alignment. The padawan must be present in the room for you to sponsor him or her.

Please note that you can sponsor only so many padawans, and though you may unsponsor a padawan, you may never again sponsor that same padawan. You may see who you have unsponsored also.

The command by itself will show you a list of who you have sponsored.

Unsponsor (for HM Jedi)

Syntax: unsponsor (apprentice)

This command allows the Jedi sponsor to remove one of his/her apprentices for whatever reason. Note that once unsponsored with this command, the sponsor can NEVER sponsor that apprentice again.

Whounsponsored (for HM Jedi)

Syntax: whounsponsored

This command returns a list of those players a High Mortal Jedi has unsponsored and may NEVER sponsor again.

Listed (For HM Jedi)

Syntax: listed

High Mortal Jedi may check on whether they are listed in the rolls of Jedi sponsors with this command. The rolls are published on Coruscant. A Jedi sponsor may remove his name from or add his name to the rolls at the High Mortal Guild with the command 'unregister'.

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