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Jedi Commands

Skill (all Jedi) Command Panic File(s)
Practice Sabers
AC Improvement   jedi_armor
Melee Sabers   sabers
Sense (basic) sense sense
Telekinesis lift lift
Autowield autowield autowield
Sense Disturbances sense sense
Project Thoughts/Feelings emat emat
Sense Jedi sense sense
Compel compel compel
Block Blaster Fire block block
Sense Living Being sense, bsense sense, bsense
Disarm disarm disarm
Illusions illusion illusion
Change Appearance change change
Farsight see see
Retaliate Blaster Fire block retal block
Skill (light Jedi) Command Panic File(s)
Calm * calm calm
Create Fear cfear cfear
Focus focus focus
Heal Self heal heal
Accelerate Healing heal heal
Battle Meditation bmed bmed
Force Push * fpush fpush
Superheal superheal superheal
Skill (dark Jedi) Command Panic File(s)
Inflict Pain inflict inflict
Anger anger anger
Choke * choke choke
Throw * throw throw
Decay Armor decay decay
Decay Weapons * decay decay
Aura of Uneasiness aura aura
Cloak of the Sith * cloak cloak
Lightning lightning lightning

* indicates that a Jedi player of the opposite alignment may use these skills, but at a cost to Jedi alignment.

Last updated: March 06, 2001

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