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Hyp  (Calculating Hyperspace Jumps)

Syntax: hyp (system)

Hyperspacing allows you to go to another system. Hyperspace requires an argument of the system name to hyperspace to. If no argument is given, a list of available systems to jump to is returned.

Sometimes you may have to vector to a correct bearing first.

Interdiction fields can stop the use of hyperspace.

Some ships are not equipped with hyperspace abilities, but you may get around this by landing on another ship controlled by an npc or pc pilot on your team. If the pilot is an npc, just request hyp (system) to have them hyperspace to another system.

If you have a droid of high enough piloting level, you may have them perform the astrogation with droid hyp (droid) (system). This command, though, may only be done inside the ship shell.

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