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Explosives are powerful things that do more damage than almost anything else in the game, thus they are only usable at high levels. Because they do lots of damage, mercenaries can learn how to use them. Because they're created by technology, scientists can learn how to use them. This is probably the only thing that those two guilds have in common. A mercenary or scientist must be at least level 16 to set or defuse a bomb.

The commands associated with explosives are:

timerset (time) activates the bomb, setting it to detonate in [time] seconds from the time the command was entered.
timerstop defuses a bomb that is already set.
check time checks to see how long until the bomb explodes. Any player can do this, not just mercenaries and scientists of appropriate level.
silentbomb toggles the bomb between silent or ticking aloud. This is usable only by scientists.

Explosives can be fun and deadly tools for mercenaries and scientists, but please be warned: Unsuccessfully attempting to set or defuse a bomb may cause the bomb to detonate instantly! Consider yourself warned.

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