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Bounty hunters require bounty points to advance levels. These points can be obtained from collecting bounties (killing "wanted" players and/or monsters) and from subduing certain monsters.

Notice we said *certain* monsters. Not all can be subdued. Also the list of bountied monsters has nothing to do with subduable monsters.

To subdue monsters, the bounty hunter must obtain a set of shackles or stuncuffs from a Bounty Hunter office purchase shackles. The bounty hunter uses these to subdue [target]. Once a bounty hunter has subdued his victim, he must then bring the victim to a bounty hunter office and release [target] there. If the victim escapes or is o therwise released outside of a bounty hunter office, the bounty hunter must obtain a new set of shackles and start over. Each set of shackles are usable only once.

Please note that the system is only designed to allow a bounty hunter to subdue and restrain one captive at a time. Attempting to subdue and restrain more than one captive at a time can have unpredictable results, such as the untimely demise of the bounty hunter.

WARNING: If you are currently aggressive to a monster you are trying to subdue, and enter a room and 'successfully' subdue a monster *before* you have allowed it to attack, the monster will still remain aggressive to you even though it is subdued. You will still go collect the mob every few seconds, and the mob will be aggressive as it follows you around. We are not responsible for the death of anyone who ignores this. (Bouncers beware!)

Upon successful delivery of the captured victim, the bounty hunter receives a reward in the form of bounty points, possible experience and possible monetary reimbursement.

Captured monsters may possibly escape. And the longer you keep a mob subdued the more time you give them to plot an escape attempt. Plan accordingly.

Please note that this skill is specifically designed to allow a captive monster to be delivered to a bounty office for reward. It is not designed to allow a person to group monsters for bombing, grenades, or other attacks of that nature. It is also not designed to allow a second player a "safe" method of attacking a subdued monster. Attacking a subdued monster will initiate combat - this includes the use of skills that can initiate combat (steal, intimidate, etc.). Abuse of this skill will result in the player's use of this skill being revoked.

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