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Construction and Use of Bounty Hunter Armor

Syntax: modify_armor (armor) (modification)

HM Bounty Hunters of level 25 and higher can add their own custom modifications to specialty bounty hunter armor. The armor will have a certain number of slots available for modification. All modifications require a toolbox.

WARNING: Once a modification has been installed, it cannot be uninstalled. Particularly bad attempts at modifying armor may result in the destruction of the object being added.

Below are individual requirements and commands associated with each of the available modifications:

Modification: Requires: Commands:
blaster holster blaster holster holster (blaster)
unholster (blaster)
capture net capture net nreload (net)
nthrow (target)
dosage applier dosage applier fillup (drug)
administer (drug)
electrotelescope electrotelescope view (player) (direction)
flame thrower flame rifle charge (armor)
flame (target)
flare tube flare tube blind (target)
refill tube
flash reduction scrap metal no other commands associated
ionizer miniature ion cannon charge (armor)
ionize (target)
light amplification goggles light amplification goggles check
activate (light)
deactivate (light)
replenish (fuel)
LR remote unused LR remote controller press detach
lr_reload (remote)
neural disruptor wrist phaser charge (armor)
zap (target)
targetting helmet targetting helmet link (blaster)
whipcord whipcord entangle (target)
fluidcheck (armor)
refill (armor)

Unmodified Bounty Hunter armor can be used by anyone (although possible strength/carrying capacity requirements still apply).


  • Installing light amplification goggles, flash reduction and targetting helmets cause the modified armor to use a helmet slot and may cause the short description to have (improved) appended to it, even though the armor in question has not been improved.
  • Installing the whipcord mechanism causes the modified armor to use a shield slot.
  • LR droid remotes will have to be reloaded after each use.
  • Each type of modification can be made only once per set of bounty hunter armor (i.e. You cannot install a targetting helmet twice in the same armor).
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