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Bounty Hunter Points

Bounty hunters are the elite of the player killers and they get a lot of skills to help them make more powerful in pk situations than non-BHs. To balance matters a little, bounty hunters also have to pay special bounty points, when they wish to advance in levels. The bounty points can be acquired a number of ways.

Currently bh points can be collected by collecting bounties, subduing mobs, or through specific zone-related quests. There are a number of BH offices available to conduct such business. The location of these offices is not a secret, but we encourage developing hunters to explore the galaxy to find them all.

To collect a bounty, you must first kill a bountied player or monster. Then, travel to the Bounty Hunter office where the bounty is registered and simply collect [name]. For monsters, use the name as displayed on the list in the BH office (ex. Major Pane, rather than major pane. Case matters). You will be given a monetary reward, bh points dependent on what or who you killed, and possibly an exp reward as well.

Please note that you will receive no reward for particularly weak (as compared to you) monsters, so to obtain bh points, you must constantly seek out stronger opponents (and other pk players in your range).

If you do not collect a given bounty before you log out, you have lost your opportunity and must kill the monster or player again to claim the reward.

You need level * points to advance to the next level. So for example to advance to level 10, you need 10 bounty points. Bounty points are spent just like experience points, so to advance to level 11, you need to accumulate another 11 bounty points. Please note that all accumulated bounty points are lost upon death, pk or otherwise.

Bounty points will not be required until you wish to advance above level 5.

Bounty points can be checked at any time with a bh device that can be obtained from BH offices. The device will also list outstanding player and monster bounties.

Bounty points are separate from Assassin points.

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