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SWMUD Bounty Hunters' Creed

1) The Bounty Hunters' Creed Is Not Your Bible, Just A Guideline.
You are not bound by this code, but it is an idea of what Bounty Hunting is like in the SW World. In the end, you, the player will decide how to live your Character's life. The primary Bounty Hunter may feel more obligated to follow the Creed then the secondary, or 'part time' Bounty Hunter.

2) You Create Your Own Brand Of 'Justice'.
The idea of a 'Lodge' is just that, an idea. You may choose to go with it, or you may want to take any other measures that you, the player, and the character, feels is necessary to dispense what you think is 'justice'. Remember that you, the Bounty Hunter, bring your own brand of justice to a generally lawless galaxy. You play by YOUR rules in regards to inter-guild issues. Though hunting other Bounty Hunters is a perfectly acceptable lifestyle, it may not make you the most loved person in your guild. Then again, do you need the love of other guild members?

3) Interfering With Other Hunts And Aiding Other Hunters.
A Bounty Hunter makes his/her living by bringing in acquisitions. No doubt about it. As a player, you choose how you want to do it. You will need points to advance past the fifth level. You need cash to buy all the nifty objects available to you. If there is another Hunter in your way, then YOU, the player must chose how to deal with that situation. Will it be better for you to 'dissuade' the other hunter? Or might it be better to aid that hunter in return for their aid in acquiring a bounty that might be 'out of your league'? Again, the choice is yours to make. The Creed is just a general guideline and not a list of RULES that you must abide by.

4) Hunting And Killing.
Again, as a Bounty Hunter, you need to acquire points to advance past a certain level. But only turning in bounties will not get you the EXP you need to advance. But remember that there are other hunters who need the points or cash more than you. If you kill every acquisition available on a planet, you may be robbing of another hunter of his/her chance to advance. This may impede you at times of need, but again, this may be a good way to assure your own status and rub out any unwanted 'competition'. Again, you as a player must decide.

The point of this document is to show you the choices you will be faced with on your journey towards becoming the best Bounty Hunter on SWmud, and to put the Bounty Hunter Creed into SWmud perspective.

It is not meant to invalidate the creed, but to merely accompany it. I wish you good luck on your journey, may the Force be with you, and may your cuff never fail.

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