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Syntax: specialize (type)

High Mortal assassins have spent so much time working with melee weapons that they can develop a proficiency with one type. Assassins who develop such skill are truly fearsome with the weapon of their choice and are able to use it much more effectively than those who have not spent so much time training.

An assassin must choose one of the following types when specializing:

knife - all forms of knives.
blade - swords, some of the lighter axes, monofilament whips, etc.
blunt - hammers, maces, flails.
two handed - pikes, the bigger axes, halberds, spears.

An assassin should be sure of his choice, for he will be able to make it only once without cost. If the assassin changes his mind, he will be charged 500 assassin points and 1,000,000 (1M) credits to switch his specialization. This swap can only be made after the assassin has kept his current choice for six months.

If you enter the command specialize by itself and are already specialized with a weapon-type, it will display which type you are specialized in.

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