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Zombie Invasion Event

Creator: Tigwyk
Duration: Until all players die or all zombies are killed
Level: Suitable for all levels, though it can be expensive to get around quickly to catch him
Prize: 2 event points

Imagine everything you loved about Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, and the Dawn of the Dead movies rolled into one blood-gushing, gut-wrenching, zombie-filled event!


Gather your wits, grab a few friends, and take on wave after wave of vicious, brain-eating, flesh-ripping, player-slaughtering ZOMBIES!

The important commands are as follows:

map is used to see a map of your surroundings. Players are blue dots, green dot is the you. Hash mark is the safehouse.
hscan (living) scans the target's health and displays it in a graphical meter.
comm (text) is the communication system you need to scream for help.
leaders displays the persistent leaderboard. Compete with your friends for the highest score!
use medkit to heal yourself or use medkit on (player) to heal another player.
arm landmines to activate them.

Zombie kills are 100pts. Death costs you 100pts. Healing your friends earns you 50pts. Winner is the player with the most points, based on kill/death ratio.

Finally, if you feel you want to quit the event for any reason, just bail. It will properly remove you. Let it be noted that you cannot win that instance of the event after having bailed; your score is erased immediately upon exit. Also, you cannot rejoin that same running event.

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