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The PK Arena

The arena terminal, located above the Coruscant Recruitment Center [PKR] will go over what's expected of the arena participants. There are very few rules because we would like to keep this fun. If you abuse the system, we will ban you from using it. Very simple.


  1. There's no bug-free system and I guarantee there will be errors in the arena. If you find one, report it.
  2. This is for fun and will not harm your character. Bailing, quiting or going link-dead in a fight is frowned upon. Repeat abusers will be banned.
  3. Some equipment found outside the arena can be brought into the arena. If it aids you in killing others, it cannot be used in the arena. Repeat abusers will be banned.

How to play:
While the PK arena has been played for event points before, players may ask an admin to open the arena at any time, and they usually will, event or not.

To join a battle, simply type join in the command room. This will move all your non-autoloading equipment into a temporary storage room. (Note: You will lose items which dest upon being dropped when your equipment is moved into storage. If you don't want to lose it, don't join. You will not be reimbursed for these items.) You will then be moved into a random section of the arena and given an arena tool which gives you access to several useful commands, some of which are:

aline allows you to talk on the arena chat line
stats display the status of arena players
resize  allows you to resize a piece of armor
bail quits you out of the arena

When you are killed, or you bail out, you will be moved to your storage room to collect your belongings. Make sure you get your stuff before you leave. If you leave without it, it's lost to you. No refunds. Also keep in mind that you only have 1 minute to collect your equipment and leave before you are booted from the store room and your equipment donated to charity. Since equipment reimbursements cannot be guaranteed, it is advised that you store important equipment elsewhere before joining a battle.

While the purpose of the arena is to allow people to PK without the penalty of a death, an undiscovered bug may creep into the arena that circumvents the arena protection. If for some reason you feel your character was adversely affected in the arena, you need to do two things to be eligible for a reimbursement: first, you must mail Ivan with a detailed description of what happened, and second, you must refrain from using the arena until the matter has been resolved. If you participate in another battle before the issue has been addressed, your claim will become null and void and you will not be eligible for reimbursement.

If you have any questions, feel free to mail Ivan. If he's online, he can probably answer you immediately.

Have fun!

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