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Minesweeper Event

Creator: Mentos
Duration: Until someone marks all of their bombs - usually around 30 minutes
Level: Suitable for all levels
Prize: Various event points

Ever play minesweeper on MS Windows? Ever want to play it life-sized? Now is your chance! When the Minesweeper Event Coordinator shouts, come to Coruscant and enter the game. The coordinator, when the event is running, is located between the start room and the main docks, in the center of Coruscant [CCR].

The basic rules:
To win the event, you must find and mark the 20 bombs on the playing field without setting one off. You have 3 chances to do this. Blow up 3 times and you're out of the contest. The first player to find all 20 bombs wins.

What you will see:
The field is barren and desolate and caked in gore. If the area has been "defused" it will tell you the number of bombs in the connecting rooms (north, south, east, and west only in this version). Use these messages to find all the bombs without setting them off.

Things to know:
You can only enter the event once. There is no way to restart it. The only way to end the event is to quit out or blow up 3 times. There is no physical danger to you or your character. The area is a no-pk zone, and the bombs don't hurt. Once you "explode", the field will reset.

That's about it. Have Fun!

Minesweeper Event Department
Mentosian Industries

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