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Find W.A.L.D.O. Event

Creator: Boh
Duration: Until someone finds W.A.L.D.O. - usually 15 to 60 minutes
Level: Suitable for all levels (though he might sometimes be found in dangerous areas)
Prize: Variable event points

You must locate a droid named W.A.L.D.O., which is hidden in a room somewhere on the MUD. Five (5) random and non-repeated words are chosen from the room's description (with punctuation filtered out). Every 2 minutes, 5 more random words are chosen and displayed until the entire room description has been read.

You can tell waldo REPORT to receive information from W.A.L.D.O.. When you feel you have located the room where the droid is, say DEACTIVATE. It is OK to use color under the condition that no irregular spacing or tags are used. Additional rewards are offered if the event has gone on for a decent length of time. After a set amount of time, the droid will deactivate its camouflage, thus, making it easier to find.

NOTE: You may not get a response from W.A.L.D.O. if you are invisible (via any number of commands or objects) when you send him a tell.

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