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Bantha Lassoing Event

Creator: Feor
Duration: Until the last bantha is captured - usually 15 to 30 minutes
Level: Suitable for all levels
Prize: 2 event points

This event is about hunting down wandering banthas in the city of Mos Eisley on Tatooine. Each player is given a rope with which to do this. When you see a bantha, just lasso it.

There are two different versions of this event. In the more common event, you will be required to release your captured banthas in a holding pen before getting credit for capturing them or being able to lasso another. In the other version, there is no holding pen and you just need to lasso as many banthas as you can.

Whoever catches the most banthas wins.

You will be given transportation to Tatooine before the event begins. No equipment is needed.

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