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Syntax: wear (item)

This allows you to wear an armor item so that it protects you in combat.

NOTE: You must be wearing a piece of armor for it to protect you. Also note that you cannot wear two pieces of armor that cover the same part of your body, such as trying to wear a hat and a helmet at the same time.


Syntax: remove (item)

This allows you to remove a piece of worn armor.


Syntax: dress

This command does a quick wear all for you, instead of typing wear (item) for every item you have.

This command will try to put everything wearable on so if you get a message like, 'You may only wear one armour of so-and-so type', it means that you already have another of that type of armor on.

If you get no messages, that means you don't have anything that is an armor and not already worn!

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