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Syntax: setenv (VARIABLE) (value)

Sets environment variables which customize the way the game appears to you. You may set the following variables and values:

LINES - Sets how many lines appear for paged information (e.g. who) (default: 20)
setenv LINES (# of lines)

SCREEN - Sets how wide your screen is so that information coming to you automatically gets wrapped to fit your screen width (default: 80)
setenv SCREEN (# of characters wide)

TERM - Sets what set of instructions your terminal needs to show in color (default: unknown)
setenv TERM ansi

TZONE - Sets what timezone you are in for conversion of real world times into your time zone (default: EST or EDT depending on the time of year in the USA). Set to 'clear' to empty it.
setenv TZONE PST

NONEWS - Will allow you to determine if you want the Opening Welcome Message. (default: off)
setenv NONEWS on

ONLYNEW - Will have ONLY new news be given to you on login. (default: off)
setenv ONLYNEW on

setenv by itself will display your current environmental variables.


Syntax: term_settings

This command displays your current terminal settings established with the setenv command.

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